63 Simposio de la IAVS

«Vegetation goes Virtual»

The 63rd Annual Symposium of the IAVS will be held on September 20-23, 2021, this time fully virtually. We acknowledge that due to widespread travel restrictions, organizing an in-person meeting this year would be highly challenging. We believe that the virtual format of the symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for all of us to meet, discuss the latest developments in the field of vegetation science, and also socialize. Registrations for the symposium are still open at https://www.iavs.org/events/

The main organizers of this year’s Annual Symposium are Susan Wiser (IAVS President), Javier Loidi(Chair of the IAVS Meetings Committee), Martin Diekmann (past IAVS President, a current member of the IAVS Awards Committee) and David Zelený (IAVS Secretary).